Welcome to my Classroom!


    On this site, you will find information that will allow you to help your child succeed in his or her Science class.  Important dates will be listed on my Daily Class Activities and Homework page, and there you can find a link to my Homework Calendar.  You will also find links to cool sites that will enable your child to go beyond the classroom!   While I will include dates of major assessments, as well as daily assignments on the Daily Class Activities and Homework page, it will ultimately be the responsibility of your child to keep assignments in his or her Agenda.  It is my belief that this is a very important step in the development of personal responsibility, both as a student and as a future contributing member of society.



    My Science Periods:  1-4-5-6-7: Monday through Friday

    Activity - period 8:  Tuesday and Thursday

    8:45 - 9:15 every Thursday - Clear Creek SST (Student Support Team Meetings) - Parents can make an appointment to speak to the team of teachers and the guidance counselor about strategies to help their child succeed.  Make an appointment by calling the Guidance Department at 610-282-3700, x6551.