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  • Business, Computer and Information Technology Teacher

    I have been teaching adults and children since 1989 in the corporate world and started at Southern Lehigh in 2001.

    I currently teach the following courses:

    Career & Technology Exploration (CTE) 
    formerly a 9th grade course called Applied Technology plus new curriculum covering Career Education Standards for 8th grade, see file below. NEW this year, half the year will be introducing programming (coding).

    This course teaches students how to utilize different types of software while crossing the curriculum into many other subjects areas. We incorporate the 8th grade Career Exploration Unit and the Career Acquisition Unit which ends with a Career Day which is scheduled for the half day on Friday, March 31st, 2017.

    Apart of the course requirement is to learn how to touch type or as it is now called keyboarding. This is accomplished by using an online self-paced website call TypingAgent. All 8th grade students are required to do this at home as a homework assignment. Check out the TypingAgent tab for more information.  

    Grading is based on points earned out of points possible but also there is weighting based on assessment category. 

    Projects         75%
    Quiz              15%
    Homework       5%
    TypingAgent Quiz 5%
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