Welcome Sixth Graders!

  •    WELCOME!

    Greetings and welcome to my home page!  

    I'm very excited to be teaching 6th grade (on-level) math this year! I'll be working very closely with Mr. Deutsch and Mrs. Hines. Please check in often for information regarding homework assignments, projects, helpful links and announcements.

    Also, please take time to read the "Related File" document below my contact information for a very clear and helpful outline of 6th grade team expectations for the 2015-2016 school year. 

    • The daily homework can be viewed under the "Homework" section of the site.
    • The upcoming assessments / quizzes and long term assignments can be viewed on the "Calendar" section of the site.
    • 2016 PSSA Prep pages are located on the top left of this page under my name.  Click on that link to access our PSSA Prep pages.


    Contact Information:

    Email:     bleilerd@slsd.org

    Phone: 610-861-4040 

    Ext.:   1142

    Classroom Supplies 

    Here is a list of the supplies that we will be using in Math class this year:

    1. Pencils (Please no pens - It is very difficult to correct mistakes with pens)
    2. Math Notebook - We will be taking notes daily in class.  It is important to have a notebook dedicated to math.
    3. Math Folder - This will be used to transport homework and other important documents to home and back to school.
    4. Highlighters - I would like for each student to have a Blue, Pink, Green, & Yellow highlighter.  We will be using these to point out important information in our notes.
    If there are any other items to become necessary for math class, I will update the website.

Related Files