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Transportation Update

To: Southern Lehigh School Community

From: Michael Mahon, Superintendent

Re: Transportation Update

Date: September 8, 2022

Southern Lehigh School District takes seriously its obligations to transport its students safely and efficiently. An extreme shortage of bus drivers across the Lehigh Valley and beyond has created significant challenges for the timely pick-up and drop off of our students. These problems often occur on short notice, especially when a driver calls off sick.

The district’s transportation provider and staff are making every effort to mitigate the problem. Our transportation provider has drivers in training. It is expected that new drivers will be a significant help. Regrettably, delays and disruptions are anticipated in the coming weeks. Beginning this afternoon, the district will provide real-time text updates when bus runs are delayed or disrupted. 

Texts and emails will go out through the Blackboard system. To receive these texts please see the following directions to create your Blackboard Connect account: Alert System / Directions for Creating a Blackboard Connect Account. If you need to edit your account for any reason, please see the following: Alert System / Editing your Blackboard Connect Account.

Pop-up announcements will also appear on the district website at

Thank You!