Shedding 'Light' on Science

  • Spectrometers were used by students in 8th grade science classes to study how astronomers and physicists can determine the makeup of distant stars without ever having to travel to them! Multiple light sources are compared with this tool in an effort to reveal how we study our known universe.

Recipe for Traits

  • 7th grade science student used colored strips of paper to determine the traits of a dog and then created a portrait of their dog.

Feliz Ano

  • Spanish and Family Consumer Sciences students welcomed back guest educator Yaniré Zamora of Mexico City to learn how the holidays and the New Year are typically celebrated in Mexico. This opportunity allowed the students to connect family, food, and culture. What a memorable experience!

Sassy Massey Teams Up for CHOP

  • PE staff organized a fundraiser for SLMS students to play in a basketball tournament. Each student that wanted to participate had the opportunity to donate to the Sassy Massey Toy Drive. SL Middle School raised over $15,300. The top 15 fundraisers went on a shopping spree with Jillian Massey to Target and purchased over 700 toys!!!!!!

PEAK Cookie Exchange

  • For a tasty, festive Peak Activity, students baked some cookie favorites in the FCS room after school one day. Our tasty creations were snickerdoodles, oatmeal, and chocolate chip cookies. This was a memorable time for all!

Choral Concert

  • Students and teachers enjoyed an in-school choral concert.  Their hard work paid off, the concert was fantastic!

South Mountain Preserve

  • Student enjoyed a hike at the South Mountain Preserve with Mr. Assise through our PEAK program.  They completed a 3.2 mile hike over varying terrain.

Snowball 2017

  • The semi-formal dance, "The Snowball", was held on Friday, December 1 in the middle school cafeteria. Approximately 225 kids were in attendance and they looked fantastic. All had a great time hanging out with friends and dancing the night away!

Reverse Engineering in the MakerSpace

  • You may have heard that we are collecting old electronics for our newly added reverse engineering makerspace activity.  Here is a glimpse at what students are doing with your donations!

Can You Escape the Headless Horseman?

  • After they finished reading the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Mrs. Grubb's class participated in a activity to test their knowledge.  Hopefully they escaped the Headless Horseman in time.....

Typical School Day in Mexico

  • Profesora Yaniré Zamora of Mexico was invited as a guest speaker in Spanish classes to share what a day in the life of a middle school student is like in Mexico's capital city, Cuidad de México.

Trip to LCTI

  • All 8th grade students recently took a field trip to explore LCTI.  

Long Walk to Water

  • In Academic Literacy, 7th grade students have started reading the book A Long Walk to Water. In it, one of the characters spends several hours everyday fetching water for her family. Students got a small taste of what this would be like when they had an opportunity to carry water in the hallway. Most of them realized that they could not do what 11 year old Nya did everyday!

Veteran's Day Assembly

  • SLMS students enjoyed a special Veteran’s Day on 11/10. General Lori Robinson, the highest ranking female in military history (and a relative of Mrs. Robbins), discussed her thoughts on Veteran’s Day and answered student questions via FaceTime. Watch a brief clip of General Robinson here:  

PEAK Pumpkins

  • Students joined Mrs. Yocum for a PEAK activity to decorate pumpkins.

Bucket Drumming - The Basics

  • 7th Grade Students joined Mrs. Lebrecht in bucket drumming activities during Spartan Period. Here is a glimpse of these drummers in action!

Pages & Pizza

  • Students joined Mrs. Robbins and Ms. Kleppinger to talk about fantastic books and eat pizza!

Lab Station Safety and the Scientific Method

  • 7th grade science students will learn about the Scientific Method and Lab Safety by traveling through stations and participating in a variety of activities.

Summer Reading Comes Alive

  • Mrs. Caitlin Alifirenka, author of 7th grade summer reading book, "I Will Always Write Back:  How One Letter Changed Two Lives", made an impact on SLMS students during a special assembly.

Up Close Science

  • 8th grade science students are learning how to use a stereomicroscope while analyzing unique insect and plant anatomy.

Library Orientation Fun

  • 7th grade students became familiar with their new library during a selfie scavenger hunt.

Fun with Diagramming

  • In Mrs. Halloran's activity, students have been learning how to diagram sentences. As a culminating activity, they went outside to complete diagrams on the school parking lot, using sidewalk chalk!

Back to School Dance

  • SLMS students had a blast at the back to school dance.

Physical vs Chemical

  • Students will be moving from station to station and do experiments to discover if that station shows a physical or chemical change.

Collecting Data at Putt U

  • 7th graders golf at Putt U to conduct an experiment while going through the Scientific Method. Upon their return to school, they share data to be used in their observations and conclusions.

Spartan Period Makers

  • Shhhh... students in the MakerSpace spartan group are learning and they don't even know it!

Green Thumbs Up!

  • Students are learning what it takes to grow and care for mums and a variety of culinary plants.

Nuestra Musica

  • The Spanish Immersion students investigated Latin rhythms and will present short histories of them and will do short demonstration of the basic steps to dance them.

Save Fred

  • Can you save Fred? The students did! Students worked cooperatively to learn about the Scientific Method and "save" Fred the worm.  His boat has capsized, leaving him stranded on top of the boat, hanging on for dear life with his gummy life saver stuck under the boat.

Chinese Cooking

  • Students stayed after school for a PEAK activity to create dumplings with the FCS teacher and our two teachers from China.

Making Beautiful Crystals

  • 8th grade science students are learning how minerals form. In class they are creating their own crystals after studying how minerals form from solutions.