• Parents:

    You are invited to attend the Middle School’s presentation for 6th grade parents about 7th grade Course Selection and topics concerning your child’s transition to the Middle School. The night will be an in-person event on Thursday, April 13, 2023 and will start at 7:00pm in the Middle School Auditorium.

    The presentations are posted below for those who are unable to attend.

    The course selection window for current 6th and 7th graders to choose courses for next year will be open from April 5th-17th

6th Grade Parent Night for MS Transition 2023

Navigating Middle School

  • Frequently Asked Questions – MS Course Selection

    6th grade Parent Presentation April 2022

    1. How is my child’s Math and ELA placement determined?

    • Placement in Core Academic Courses (Math, Academic Literacy, and Language Arts) will be based on a holistic review of both student achievement and growth data. Multiple data points will be used, which may include performance in 6th grade courses, results from state testing (PSSA) and standardized screeners (STAR, TDA writing prompts.)

    2. What is the difference between Honors Language Arts/Honors Academic Literacy and on-level Language Arts/Academic Literacy?

    • Expectations for individual responsibility, Independence, and reading stamina are increased in the Honors classes, because these classes are taught at a faster pace than the on-level courses. Students in the honors classes are expected to have a firm command of reading, writing and grammar skills. Texts read in honors classes are typically at a higher Lexile level than in on-level classes, therefore providing students with challenging vocabulary and experience with more complex text structures. Students meeting criteria for honors placement will be enrolled in both Honors Language Arts and Honors Academic Literacy.  Students will not be enrolled in one honors course without the other.  

    3. When will I receive the notification on my child’s course placements for their core academic courses?

    • In early summer, a list of registered courses will be sent home for you to review.

    4. What is the process if I do not agree with my child’s placement in their courses?

    • If you believe your child is placed incorrectly or do not agree with a course placement, please contact either the Intermediate School Guidance office or the Middle School Guidance office. They will be able to give you the information involved in deciding on the placement for your child.

     5. What will be the program for Spanish Immersion students?

    • Spanish Immersion students will be taking Spanish Immersion Social Studies in both 7th and 8th grade. Both grade levels will also have an accelerated Spanish World Language component. In 7th grade, the accelerated Spanish will meet every third day for the whole year. If your child is in Spanish Immersion, he/she will not have the exploratory World Language wheel for 7th grade.

    6. Can my child take both Chorus and Band/Orchestra? 

    • A student can only take one Performance Music as a class for the Arts rotation. However, a student may be able to participate in two out of the three during the school year depending on the child's schedule. If this is pertinent to your child, please note this information on the “Counselor Help” section of your child’s online course selection sheet.  You must specify which one your child will be taking as the class. 

    7. Is there a required summer reading assignment for incoming 7th graders? 

    • There is no required summer reading assignment for middle school students.  However, students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the summer break to read texts that align with their interests.  This will help students maintain their current skills in reading.  Our ELA department coordinates with our school librarian, Mrs. Robbins, to provide a list of resources for finding age-appropriate books.  Students will have the opportunity to share their reading and make recommendations to peers via a Flip video.  Details will be communicated on the SLMS website near the conclusion of the school year.