• Project SUCCESS

    What is it?

    Project SUCCESS is voluntary mentoring program that helps children build the skills they need to succeed, now and in the future.  Students meet regularly with an adult mentor in small groups and/or in one-on-one meetings.


    Why should my child participate in this program?

    Project SUCCESS helps students improve school performance and behavior, provides support, and helps youth guard against risks during their teen years.  Middle school is a stressful time for teens, and any child might benefit from the additional support of a caring mentor.


    Who is the mentor?

    Southern Lehigh Middle School works with highly qualified and experienced mentors from Center for Humanistic Change.  Our school’s mentor Lisa Wolff is a caring professional who is trained to provide support and mentorship for youth. 


    What will the mentor share with my child?

    -     A caring, responsive and supportive relationship

    -     Coping skills

    -     Strategies for school success

    -     How to identify and resist social or situational pressures

    -     Motivational strategies


    What will my child share with the mentor?

    Students discuss school performance (such as grades, attendance and behavior) and obstacles and challenges that are getting in the way of success.  Students also participate in surveys that help measure changes in their attitudes and skills.


    How do we get started?

    If you have any questions or if you would be interested in your child participating in Project Success, please contact your child’s counselor, Anne Cooper, at the SLMS guidance office.


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