Late Arrivals to School and Class

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Students are expected to be in class by the late bell 7:40 Students arriving after the 7:40 bell (even if there is traffic) will need to report to the office for a late pass.  

If a student opts to NOT take district transportation, please be aware that High School and Middle School traffic is heavy in the morning and plan accordingly.

Students who have reported to the office will submit a tardy pass to the teacher.  If you notice a pattern of tardiness, you need to submit a disciplinary referral through Sapphire.  Students who are late to school (unexcused) 3 times will need to serve a detention through the office.  Late students should be documented accordingly in Sapphire.

 If the student has a legitimate excuse for lateness, they must have the teacher who caused them to be late sign their agenda indicating so.  TSavehe agenda should be shown to the teacher whose class he/she is entering late.