Telephone Use

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Cell phone use is not permitted during the school day.  Students will not be excused from class to make or receive a call.  Social arrangements should be made before coming to school.  Phone calls seeking parent permission to accompany a friend home that afternoon are not considered an emergency.  

The telephone in the office is for the convenience of students for use before and after school hours.  

In cases of illness or emergency, students should go to the nurse or office.  Students are NOT permitted to use their cell phones during the day and will receive disciplinary action if they do not comply.

Incoming calls for students will be accepted and relayed only in cases of emergency.  Students are not permitted to text or call from their cell phones during the school day. Students will be permitted to use the office phone for important phone calls between the hours of 7:30 a.m. through 8:00 a.m., during the first 10 minutes of their lunch periods, and during activity period on Fridays.