What is a MakerSpace?

  • We are Makers

    A MakerSpace (a term coined by the American Association of School Librarians) provides students with the rare opportunity to grow from being a user of information created by others, to the act of creating something that is innovative.  Students can create, program, design, build, explore, code, invent, problem solve, experiment, and tinker all while collaborating, sharing resources, and driving their own learning. MakerSpaces are about students working on projects of their own design.  Learning is driven by the demand for knowledge as opposed to the supply of knowledge.  Think of it as the DIY Network meets the hands-on philosophy of a children’s museum in the school library.

    The MakerSpace supplements the basic educational program by providing an informal, exploration-focused environment that cultivates an interest in science, technology, engineering, math, and design.  Instead of trying to interest students in these areas with received knowledge, we will equip them to DO science, giving them both the knowledge and tools to discover it. 

    The SLMS library media center has always been about “making”.  We have long encouraged digital, visual, dramatic, and written creativity.  We are about discovery and connecting people with their interests.  Adding a MakerSpace is a natural extension of the library media center because it will allow students to explore their own interests at their own pace in an informal setting.