Reading Olympics


    Each year schools from all over Lehigh County compete in Reading Olympics.  The goal of this program is to increase students' reading for enjoyment and increase reading skills. Students collaborate with their teammates to read 40-50 books that have been selected by a committee of librarians, reading specialists and classroom teachers.  Students are then quizzed as a team and earn points at a competition at CLIU #21 or Easton High School in Spring (location and date to be decided).  Mrs. Robbins, Ms. Kleppinger and Mrs. Frasch will lead this club this school year.
    Each team member will choose a minimum of 10 books to read for their team and be the "expert" on those books.  Students are encouraged to also read as many of the other books on the list as they can to help their team at the competition.  After reading each book, students will be asked to complete a Google doc that asks them to note things such as:  beginning, middle, end, characters/descriptions, etc.  Since there can be months between the time a student reads the book and the competition, these notes are very important.  Students will also be asked to create quiz-style questions for the team to practice with.  In house competitions will be held in January to prepare the team for the time limit and questioning procedures.  
    All SLMS students are invited to join the team.  Students do not need to be a part of the Reading Olympics activity to be a member of the team.  Please sign up only if you are committed to reading the books and attending as many practices as possible.  
    See the files below and/or contact one of the advisors:



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