A Day in the Life - SLMS Photo and Video Gallery



    2017 Scholastic Writing Award Winners

    Sharing Stories with Appear.in

    Journalism Unit

    Who Dunnit?

    SLMS Celebrates Read Across America Day

    Happy 113th Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

    The Lessons of Dr. Seuss

    2017 Scholastic Art Awards

    Crustacean Craziness!

    Under Pressure

    Pecha Kucha Presentations

    Uruguayan Educator Exchange Program

    Tagul Gallery Walk

    Students Get a Taste of Tea and Culture

    Dentist Visits CTE

    Coding and Writing with Sphero

    Pages and Pizza - February 2017

    Math Super Bowl

    Holocaust Survivor Skype

    Combining STEM and Academic Literacy

    Celebrating the Year of the Rooster

    Probability and Genetics

    Annual Comma Poster Contest

    Favorite Song Podcast

    Adventure Initiative Stations

    Holocaust Padlets

    Mrs. Yocum and Students Honored

    Writing Marathon

    Makers at the Middle School

    SLMS Holiday Bowl

    Winter Pep Rally

    SLMS Spelling Bee

    All Ye, The Music Makers

    SLMS Winter Concert

    SLMS Grad Returns for LCTI Presentation

    Water Displacement Lab

    Creating Public Service Announcements

    Oreo Mitosis

    LINC Mentoring Program at SLMS

    Concert Decor

    From Brushbots to Informative Writing

    Welcome Che Yu

    P.E.A.K. Holiday Ornaments

    P.E.A.K. Hour of Code

    Erosion Tables

    Veterans Day at SLMS

    P.E.A.K. Bottle Cap Art

    P.E.A.K. Movie Trip

    Raising Funds for Pediatric Cancer

    Bach to School

    LCTI Visit

    Gratitude Wall

    270 to Win:  Coke vs. Pepsi

    2016 SLMS Presidential Election

    Pages and Pizza

    Layering Liquids

    P.E.A.K. Sip and Paint

    Fall Pep Rally

    Inspiring Guest Speaker

    P.E.A.K. Public Library Trip

    Team Begins Work on Contest Video

    P.E.A.K. Pumpkin Painting

    Walking to Water

    Red Ribbon Week

    Brain Walk Gallery

    Exciting Library Additions

    Meeting Mrs. Evison

    P.E.A.K. Caramel Apples and Fall Crafts

    Fall Dance

    Limo Lunch

    P.E.A.K. Bike Ride

    Library Partnership

    P.E.A.K. Grip It and Rip It!

    Teen Counselors Visit SLMS

    Forensics 101

    Collecting Data at Putt U

    Welcome to the Middle School

    Twisted Twizzler

    Earth's Magnetism Attracts 8th Graders
    Munching on Mooncakes

    Monster Art Bash
    Remembering 9/11

    Water Is Dropping
    Can You Save Fred?
    Library Selfie Scavenger Hunt

    Talented Teacher, Talented Students