Bell Schedule



  • Regular Schedule: Periods are 77 minutes long, 30 Minute Lunches, 4 Minutes Passing Time.  Period 1 is 82 minutes for announcements.  Lunch is embedded in block 3 for all students.

    *2-Hour Delay:
         Periods are not the same in length due to making the lunch schedule work, however, every period is meeting.  Lunch is embedded in block 3 for all students.

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What is Spartan Period?

  • Spartan Period is a 42 minute class between period 2 and 3. A variety of courses are offered for students varying from enrichment courses and club meetings, to fun brain break courses like kareoke and Star Wars Movies. Some Spartan Period courses might be required for some students; otherwise, students can pick 6 different Spartan Periods per semester. These will be selected in the first week of the semester. At times throughout the school year, Spartan Period may be used to have meetings with classes to share important information like graduation requirements, as to not take away from academic or core classes.

    For more information about Spartan Offerings, CLICK HERE