Course Selection

  • Dear Parents/Guardians & Students,

    We have begun the course selection process for the 2024-2025 school year.  The window to select courses is February 7th through February 20th.   During this time, students in grades 8 through 11 will be entering course requests into Sapphire.  Please know that this past week our teachers have been discussing course options with students.  The core subject teachers have entered their recommendations for students based on current grades and performance.


    • Parent or student logins may be used to access the COURSE REQUEST Form which is located on the left-hand side of the screen (once you have logged in).
    • Teacher recommendations for English, Social Studies, Math, Science, & World Language are highlighted in green.  To ensure appropriate placement and academic success, the recommended core courses for students currently in grades 8 and 9 cannot be changed at this time.  If you have any questions regarding teacher recommendations, please feel free to contact teachers directly.
    • The maximum number of credits that a student may take is 8.0 credits and the minimum is 7.0 credits.  Please note that if a student selects 7.0 credits, a full-year study hall will be automatically scheduled.  If a student selects 7.5 credits, a half-year study hall will be automatically scheduled.
    • For each elective you would like to take, please select an ALTERNATE choice in the event that your first choice course is not offered or does not fit into your schedule. 
    • Please utilize the "Counselor Help" option in order to select a course that may not be listed on the COURSE REQUEST FORM; type as much information as possible in the space provided. 
    • After completing the COURSE REQUEST FORM, you do not need to print the confirmation page.  A copy of student course requests will be posted in Sapphire by mid-March.  
    • Please be aware that all course changes must be made by JULY 1st and that requesting a course does not guarantee that the course will be offered or scheduled. 

    If you have difficulty submitting your course requests, please email  Any other questions can be directed to your child’s teachers and/or school counselor.

    SLHS Guidance Department