My Homework

  • Homework is given on a fairly regular basis.  Our schedule runs on a Day A through a Day E not Monday through Friday.  Therefore, homework will often be given over a weekend as well as throughout the weekdays.

      High frequency words also known as word wall words should be reviewed on a regular basis.  Each Day A new words for the week are introduced and practiced.  Most often, these are words that can not be sounded out, therefore, they need to be memorized.

    Spelling words should be practiced everyday as part of your child's homework.  Tests will be given on a Day E not on a specific weekday.  Pretests are given on a Day A and will almost always be sent home on that day.

    Starting in January it is strongly recommended that your child practice and review math facts both addition and subtraction through 10.  By the end of First Grade math facts through 10 should be memorized.