Classroom Behavior Policy

  • Behavior Management Clipchart

    Third grade is a fun, exciting and engaging place! Our class will be involved in many different activities that appeal to all of the various learning styles. In order for these activities to be successful, appropriate behavior will be expected. 

        Each student will start off each day on the "Ready to Learn" section of our clip chart. Throughout the day, they will have the opportunity to move up the chart and earn rewards based on appropriate behaviors or down the chart and receive consequences based on unacceptable behaviors.
        If a child chooses not to follow one of the rules we've established together, he or she will move their clip down the chart to the "Think About It" section. The rule that was broken will then be discussed along with ways in which we can solve the problem.
        If the same rule or another rule is broken, the child will move their clip down the chart to "Lose 5 Minutes of Recess" section. Actions will be taken to help solve the problem, For example, they may have their seat moved. They will also be asked to reflect on their choices during the recess time. 

       If behavior continues to be a problem, they will move to the final section of the clip chart, which is "parent contact". Ten minutes of recess will be missed and an apology letter will be written during that time to the appropriate individual. I will also call or email home to help make the parent aware of the behavior and how it was dealt with.

        Again, each student will start each day on the "Ready to Learn" section of the clip chart with an opportunity to move up or down the chart based on his or her own actions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.