SLSD Mission Statment

  • Mission


    Educating today’s learner … creating tomorrow’s future.



    In the pursuit of excellence, the Southern Lehigh School District has created a culture of innovation and creativity empowering students for a brighter future in a global society.


    The Southern Lehigh School District vision is one where:

    Ø      The District strives to meet the needs of all students.

    Ø      Our programs provide challenging, relevant learning experiences for the community of learners.

    Ø      Students are actively engaged in learning twenty-first century skills including:

    -          Core subjects and 21st century themes

    -          Learning and innovation skills

    -          Information, media and technology skills

    -          Life and career skills

    Ø      Rigor, relevance, and relationships are the keystones of our competency/ standards based programs.

    Ø      Data-informed decision-making guides our path to continuous improvement.

    Ø      Communications among our community of learners is open and engaging.

    Ø      Students are offered opportunity and choice in learning.

    Ø      We collaborate with partners in Pre k-20 institutions, businesses, and community organizations on a local, regional, national, and global level.

    Ø      Teachers and administrators are dedicated to high expectations for themselves and their students and model the skills they inspire students to achieve.




    1.      Academic Proficiency

    2.      Communications (Internal and External)

    3.      Highly Effective Teachers



    Shared Values

    We believe:

      • Society benefits when people act responsibly and respectfully.
      • All people can learn.
      • High expectations promote high achievement.
      • Environment impacts upon learning.
      • Education is a fundamental partnership among individuals, home, school, and the community.
      • The commitment of resources to public education provides long-term benefits to society.
      • Continuous improvement is achieved by promoting and managing change effectively