SPIRIT Participant Application - 2017/2018

  • Any Southern Lehigh High School Student who is interested in being apart of the SPIRIT Program for the 2017/2018 School Year should complete the SPIRIT Participant Application - 2017/2018. Interested students can access this application by clicking on the link below. Please see the blurb below for additional information about participation in the SPIRIT Council. 

    During the 2016/2017 school year, students from across Southern Lehigh High School participated in the SPIRIT Program. Meaning, Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together, the SPIRIT program used mediation, problem solving, and engagement of the school community, to help create a climate of respect and understanding amongst the select group of participants. In its essence, the SPIRIT program brought students, administrators, and additional stakeholders together to identify issues at Southern Lehigh High School, so they could develop their own solutions, and take ownership of the actions they deemed most appropriate to resolve the conflicts within Southern Lehigh High School.

    Moving forward, the SPIRIT Counsel will work on building and improving the school climate at Southern Lehigh High School while establishing an understanding of the needs of students of the different student groups represented across Southern Lehigh High School.

    The SPIRIT Council will meet during Spartan Period on Day 6. For the 2017/2018 School Year, Ms. Dellegroti and Mr. Zeisloft will work alongside the student representatives of the SPIRIT Council. The goal of this group will be to develop a framework for combating bias, bullying and hatred while working to create long-term solutions toward maintaining a positive school climate at Southern Lehigh High School.

    NOTE: Freshman are encouraged to apply and will be added into the group during the second semester.

    If a student has any questions they can email Mr. Ruhf, ruhft@slsd.org