What are the procedures for student athletes who may arrive to school late or need to leave early?

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 Please see the Athletic Code of Conduct for additional information

  1. In order for a student-athlete to participate in any athletic activity, including practice, he/she must be in attendance at school before 9:00 AM on the day of the activity.  Pre-approved educational trips, college visits, funerals, religious holidays, medical/dental appointments, driving testing services, and other activities approved by the High School Principal are exceptions to this rule.  The High School Principal or his/her designee is the only person that may waive the 9:00 AM rule.  Student-athletes must be in school at start time prior to all doctor appointments after 9:00 AM until appointment dismissal time and all student-athletes must return to school with a doctor’s note.  For example, school starts at 7:45 AM and the doctor’s appointment is at 9:30 AM, the student-athlete must report to school on time and follow normal sign out procedures.  A student-athlete who is absent from school may attend an activity as a spectator if the activity is open to the public.
  1. A student-athlete who leaves early during the school day and will not return prior to the end of the day may not participate in an athletic event unless prior permission is granted by the building Principal or his/her designee or the Director of Athletics.  Upon return to the athletic event, a note verifying the appointment must be given to the Director of Athletics, Athletic Trainer or Head Coach.  If the student-athlete returns to the athletic event without a note, he/she will not be permitted to participate.
  1. A student-athlete who is out of school suspended is not eligible to participate in school activities from the time the disciplinary action starts.  He/she becomes eligible at 7:46 AM of the school day immediately following the last day of suspension.  Therefore, a student-athlete out of school suspended on a Friday is not eligible for any weekend activities.