When Do the Counselors Meet With their Students?

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The goal is for counselors to meet with every student a minimum of once every year. There is a general schedule that is followed that can give you an idea of when you will be scheduled. This does not mean students cannot make appointments outside of this schedule; this is just to ensure that every student meets with their counselor.


Fall (September-October): 

-Seniors (12th) to review graduation requirements and assist with college & career planning

Winter (November-December):

-Freshman (9th) and new students to meet for the first time, check in with their schedules and transitioning from the Middle School

Early Spring (February-March):

-Juniors (11th) to discuss future plans, college and career planning, scheduling, etc.

-A junior parent meeting is usually offered around this time as well

Spring (April-May):

-Sophomores (10th) to check in and check their schedules