Daily Schedule of Events

  • Our Day... in a nutshell!

    Our daily schedule may change due to delays, assemblies, or unforeseen events, but it usually goes like this:

    Opening Exercises- Students unpack, choose lunch, respond to a writing prompt in their journal or complete morning work.  We then say  The Pledge of  Allegiance and the Pouncer Pledge. 
    9:10 Morning Meeting- morning chat, calendar, counting the days of school

    9:15 Treasures and/or Spelling

    Monday- introduce vocabulary words for the week, post weekly spelling words, read short Treasures story
    Tuesday- Teacher reads and discusses Treasures main story, characters, setting, etc.
    Wednesday- Kids read aloud main Treasures story (volunteers only)
    Thursday- Spelling test, Treasures companion story
    Friday- Receive new spelling words. Go over patterns in words.
                Fun Friday Buddy Reading!

    9:40 Guided Reading & Work Stations- Mrs. Moffe comes in to our room to teach two groups while I teach two groups. Intervention groups are pulled out at this time. Children not working with an adult will work independently at  Work Stations. 

    10:20 Fast Math- students work on their basic facts at their own pace on a web-based program called Fast Math. Fast Math keeps track of the number facts your child has mastered. I will send reports home occasionally, so you can see their progress.

    10:40 DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)
    for majority of class
    Intervention students will do Guided Reading with me or complete a work station.

    *During DEAR time, everyone gets called for a bathroom/drink break.

    11:00 Writing- I start with a direct lesson, then I may include all or some of the components below:
    shared writing- as a whole group, we compose a story
    independent writing
    guided writing for those who may be "stuck"
    sharing time

    *Soap and warm water hand washing takes place EVERY DAY before lunch.
    11:45 Lunch       
    12:15 Recess- We go outside unless the weather is wet or extremely cold!

    12:45 PM break for bathroom and drinks, fill out homework charts

    1:00 Specialists
      A-Art   B-Music   C- Tech Smarts   D- Library   E- Gym

    1:50 Science or Social Studies- There are so many neat science units in 2nd grade. We'll start with the "What is Science?" unit in Science and Communities in Social Studies. We'll read, discuss, look at models, maps and charts, look at on-line resources together, etc. It's fun! I will usually send a study guide home before any test, so parents can go over the information with their children.  

    2:20 Math- 
    Math lessons are with the whole group, to start. Then there is independent practice time. After students complete their work, they will go to math centers to do valuable math activities. During this time I may pull a small group aside or work with someone one-on-one.

    *Most homework during the week will be a math page reviewing the topic of the day.

    3:20 Pack up- Whew! It's always a very busy day!