• Homework

    Homework assignments are given Monday through Thursday of each week. The students are responsible each day to write the daily assignment on their HOMEWORK SHEET. The main purpose of homework is to teach children the responsibility of turning work in on time and keeping themselves organized. Homework should not be too difficult. The concepts have already been taught in class. Parents may need to read the directions and guide the student.

    *If homework is too difficult for your child, please send a note along with the sheet and let me know. I will give extra support during instruction time when necessary.

    In addition to the homework assignment, students should study spelling words each night for a few minutes. Tests will be on Thursdays unless specified changes appear on the weekly news. Reading 15 minutes per night is encouraged. There is a section on the HOMEWORK SHEET for parents to record student reading time. I will not mind one "0" on the chart per week. I know life gets busy! I have my own 5th grader at home, so I even skip it some nights... (travel soccer, scouts, lacrosse.... I feel your pain!)

    Guided reading books are often sent home on Friday. (Some weeks are spent assessing or working on group projects, so books will not be sent.) If your child brings a book home, please listen and watch as they read. Make sure you are looking at the words with them so you can monitor their decoding skills. It's a good idea to ask some questions after reading...

    *What was the problem in the story?

    *How was the problem solved?

    *Can you retell the main events in the story?

    *What connection can you make to this story? ( Students may make a connection to their own life, another book, or something that it reminds them of out in the real world.)

    Dear Parents,

    I appreciate your support with homework. Please initial the HOMEWORK SHEET each night and have your child place it back in their homework folder. It's my way of knowing that you and I are a team in your child's education.

    *I am a parent too, so I am not expecting perfection from any one of you. I'm hoping nobody is expecting it from me! If there is a problem, a lost sheet, a busy night, etc. please let me know. I will give the kids an opportunity to get their work done at school without any consequences. Please note though... I will not accept "I was tired." or "We went to the movies..."  as reasonable excuses. Please use your best judgement. I appreciate  all that you do!