• School Nurse:

    Kathy Allwein

    Phone: 610-282-1850 ext. 3560

    Fax: 610-282-3676


    Certified School Nurse:

    Mrs. Nicole Castetter, RN, BSN, CSN


    Health Room Information

    Reporting a student absent: If your student is absent from school please report their absence to the attendance line at 610-282-1850 Ext. 1. Please provide your student's name, grade, teacher and reason for absence. If you are requesting homework, please provide the dates for the homework and whom it is to be sent home with. You may also pick up homework in the office. If your student has a medical concern and you would like to speak to the nurse, please call the nurse's office at 610-282-1850 ext 3560 or you can email Mrs. Allwein at

    Screenings: Students receive various screenings throughout the school year depending on their current grade level. These include vision, hearing, scoliosis, height, weight and BMI. Students are also mandated, by law, to receive physicals and dental exams in certain grades. To view what screenings are required by grade level click here. If at any time you would like your student to receive a screening which is not mandated for their grade, or if you notice your student seems to be having a problem with vision, hearing etc please contact the health room with your concern and we can arrange to complete the screening.

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