Medicine in School Policy

  • Medication in School Procedure/Form
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    By law, only licensed nurses may administer medications as prescribed by a doctor during school hours. The school nurses at Southern Lehigh School District are assigned to several buildings and are not available to all schools at all times to administer medications. The law does not allow for health paraprofessionals or other school district personnel to administer medications to students. The health paraprofessionals have been trained to respond in emergency situations.

    At times when doctors are made aware of the situation, they are able to schedule the medication so it does not need to be given during school hours. There are times, however, when the medication must be given during the school day. If your child requires medication to be given to them by one of the school nurses the following needs to occur:

    You must provide the medication in the original bottle directly to the school nurse or health room personnel. (If no one is available you may give it to a member of the school office staff.)

    A written consent form must be filled out by the prescribing clinician and also have the signature of a parent or guardian. This includes all medications: prescription, over the counter, supplements and homeopathic.  This form must be renewed every school year for every medication. Click here to go to the Health Forms Page

    The student needs to report to the health room for administration of the medication.

    At any time, a parent may come to school and administer their child’s medication without a doctor’s order.

    Pain Medication in School

     The nurse’s office has acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol) or ibuprofen (i.e. Advil) available for any student during the school day as outlined in the School Doctor’s standing orders.  This would be provided to the student for instances such as: headache, orthodontic pain, menstrual cramps etc.  Parent permission is required.  This medication can only be given by a licensed nurse.

    Middle and High Schools

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    At the Middle and High School parents are able to complete the Pain Relief Permission Form provided at the beginning of the school year. This form provides the school nurse with parental permission to administer either acetaminophen or ibuprofen to the student for the duration of the school year. The medication can only be given by a licensed nurse. Click here to go to the Health Forms Page.

    Elementary and Intermediate Schools

    The pain relief medication policy at the elementary and intermediate levels differs from the High School and Middle School. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen may be provided to an elementary or intermediate student only after parental or guardian permission is given by phone to a health room staff member at the time of need only. The medication can only be given by a licensed nurse.