Induction -New Employees

  •  Welcome to Southern Lehigh School District!


    As part of your entry into the school district, you are required to complete an Induction program as required by the PA Dept. of Education:


    "Educator quality is the largest single factor influencing student learning.  Therefore, a high quality educator induction program is an essential first step to facilitate entry into the education profession and the teaching of Pennsylvania’s high academic standards.  Support for new teachers increases retention rates and those who participate in intensive induction programs are more likely to:

    • Useinstructional practices that improve student achievement;
    • Assignchallenging work to diverse student populations;
    • Usestandards-based curriculum frameworks; and
    • Accomplishthe goals of the curriculum.


    School districts, intermediate units, charter schools, and area vocational-technical schools in Pennsylvania have been required by the Pennsylvania Code (22 Pa. Code §49.16 and §49.83) to have a state-approved teacher induction plan for first-year teachers since 1987."


    The Induction Process is created and approved by a team of stakeholders, updated as part of the District's Comprehensive Plan and approved by the School Board of Directors and PDE.


    Many individuals at Southern Lehigh are poised to help each new employee succeed. Mentors will be provided to every teacher who is new to the school district. The mentor serves as your 'go-to' person. Principals, CO administrators, and colleagues are all here to help you! The Induction Team of administrators will help manage the process, and you can find all information, requirements, and forms below.


    Current Induction Team Members:

    We are excited for you to be a part of the Southern Lehigh family! Do not hesitate to ask for any assistance throughout the induction process.



    Induction Information Sheet

    Teacher Induction Planning and Reflection

    Teacher Induction Log

    Teacher Induction Orientation Agenda

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