Induction -New Employees

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    Teacher Induction Program

    What’s it all about?

    The purpose of induction is to support the emotional and professional development for employees new to Southern Lehigh School District.  The goal is to support new employees so that they impact positively on student learning.


    Who coordinates induction?

    Dr. Tamara Solometo - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    TBD - Director of Human Resources


    Who facilities induction activities?

    Dr. Michael Mahon- Superintendent

    Director of Human Resources

    Dr. Tamara Solometo - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Andria Buchman- Director of Special Education/Student Services

    Christopher Summa - Director of Technology


    Who participates in Induction?

    • All newly hired teachers and certified professional staff.
    • Substitutes who are hired for 90 days or more.

    What are the requirements of Induction?

    • On-going meetings with an assigned mentor and completion of the items within the Induction Log (including notes in the log)
    • Inductee attendance at the two-day orientation in August
    • Inductee attendance at sessions throughout the year
    • First Aid training (offered by district in November) or proof of current certification
    • Delivery of the Induction Log on a monthly basis and signed Induction Completion form to the Office of Teaching and Learning by May 15th

    What are the contractual requirements?

    • 4 additional days for new teachers
    • 3 academy days for all teachers (18 hours – in 3 hours increments)