• Volunteers play a vital role in supporting the staff, students and the many activities of our schools. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at SLSD!

    The following information is intended for classroom, school and field trip volunteers. If you are being paid for your work with SLSD through a district, parent, or student fund you are not considered a volunteer. Volunteer coaches must submit background checks associated with employment. Please refer to the Background Checks (Clearances) link under the Employment tab.

    Pennsylvania law requires all persons having direct contact with school children to obtain background checks. Southern Lehigh School District requires the submission of these checks prior to volunteering. For new volunteers, only background checks dated within 1 year of issue will be accepted. Once accepted as a voluneer in the District, background checks remain valid for a period of five years from the date of issue. The district maintains a complete list of approved volunteers. Approved volunteers are required to sign in at the front office of schools, present a valid photo ID when asked, and wear a volunteer tag while in the building.

    To learn about the criminal justice background checks and certifications needed to vounteer in our schools, please see the links and helpful hints below. 

    1. PA Access to Criminal History Record Check - This check is completed online and is instantly available to print. Choose New Record Check Volunteer Only. Click the control number to view your results.  Click the Certificate link to view, save and print your official certificate.  

    2. PA Child Abuse History Certification - A Child Abuse History Certification may be completed online or by mailing a request form. To apply online, use the link and click either "Individual Login" or "Create Individual Account". If it is your first time visiting the site, you will be asked to create a Keystone ID user name. Follow the instructions to create a password.  Be sure store your Keystone ID and password in a safe place for future use. You will receive an email when your results are available, or within 14 days of submission. If you prefer to request a certification by mail, please download the following FORM .

    3. FBI Fingerprinting Clearance (2 Options)
      • If you have been a Pennsylvania resident fewer than 10 consecutive years, you must complete the fingerprinting process. Enroll at IdentoGO and make an appointment for fingerprinting at a location of your choice. The service code for VOLUNTEERS is 1KG6Y3Payment is made at time of fingerprinting, at the location, by credit card or money order. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.
      • If you have been a Pennsylvania resident for the past 10 consecutive years, you may submit the Volunteer Affidavit in place of fingerprinting. School personnel must witness the affidavit, so please visit the school building before signing.
    4. PA Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification form. Please complete this certification form and turn it in with the above background checks.


Background Checks Accepted on Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • Those interested in volunteering are invited to submit required clearances to the Human Resources Office located at 5775 Main Street in Center Valley. Clearance paperwork will be accepted between the hours of 8:30AM and 3:30PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Paperwork packets must contain all required clearances (incomplete packets will not be accepted). Paperwork must presented in person and at least one week in advance of volunteering for a planned event. Please understand that due to the confidential nature of criminal justice paperwork, clearances cannot be accepted at any of our school building offices. Copies will be secured and originals returned. Be sure to store your original paperwork in a safe location since the District will be unable to provide future copies.

    District volunteers have an obligation to report any arrest or conviction of an offense that may constitute grounds for denying participation as a volunteer to the Human Resources Office within 72 hours using the PA Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification form above.

    Individuals with incomplete paperwork are not qualified to volunteer or chaperone. 

Free Child Abuse Report Training

  • All persons having direct contact with school children should be trained as mandated reporters and understand the procedure to report reasonable suspicion of child abuse. As a SLSD volunteer, the district is required to OFFER Mandated Reporter training. While not required, we ask that you complete this training. Please see the informational and resource links below.

    Free Mandated Reporter Training Certification

    • The online training takes approximately three (3) hours to complete. Individuals do not need to complete the training in one sitting. The system is designed to allow you the option of competing the training over multiple periods of time.
    • To register for the free online training, go to the Pennsylvania Child Resource Center website and click the Registration button. This will take you to a New User registration page. Please select “No” when asked if you are licensed or applying for a license through one of the following boards. After submitting your information, the Pennsylvania Child Resource Center will send you an email with your Username and Password. 

    Then follow the directions listed below:

    1. Type in your username and password
    2. Click “Login”
    3. Click on the hyperlink under the “Your Courses Section”
            rrca-0299: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
    4. Click on the “Click Here” button
    5. Follow the directions to complete the course
    6. Print your certificate of completion
    7. Provide a copy of the certificate to the school.


    Thank you for volunteering your time and services to our district and for understanding the importance of complying with these regulations.