Clearance Information for School Volunteers

    • Thank you for taking the time to volunteer with the Southern Lehigh SD! Your contribution is sincerely appreciated by our staff, other parents, and Southern Lehigh SD community members. Per ACT 82 of 2012, volunteers must submit certain clearances for the general welfare of our students. Before you continue on this page, it is important that you clarify whether you qualify as a volunteer or a staff member.

      A volunteer is (1) unpaid, (2) responsible for the direct supervision of children, and (3) engages in a district-sponsored activity. For instance, a community member who assists with costume design for the fall theater performance pro bono is considered a volunteer because s/he is (a) unpaid; (b) may be responsible for the direct supervision of children, especially when district staff are not present; and (3) is supporting this district-sponsored activity potentially over a sustained period. However, if the district compensates the community member for this activity, s/he would be considered a paid employee and should follow the instructions for paid employees by clicking on the Directions for Employees, Coaches, and Ancillary Workers link in the left-hand column. Those who are not (a) responsible for the direct supervision of children and/or (b) engaging in a district-sponsored activity do not need to submit clearances. For instance, a community member invited to participate in a student activity while one or more staff members are present does not need clearances to participate in this event. If you have any questions about your status, please email our office (hr@slsd.org). The Pennsylvania Department of Education has also created a School Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) website, which you can access by clicking HERE.

      Please note that if you intend to volunteer for an event or field trip, you submit your clearances at least one week prior to the event. Our office needs this period to review your clearances and confirm your eligibility with the school principal and/or field trip organizer(s). Lastly, we recognize your contribution adds value to our community, so we have simplified obtaining clearances at little or no cost. Please click on each clearance for directions on obtaining the said clearance.

      Because some of these clearances are provided directly to the requesting party, you will need to come to our office to provide these documents. Accordingly, please make a note of the following information:

      • To provide orderly and efficient service, our office will only accept clearances either by appointment or TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS (walk-in). We highly recommend that you make an appointment by emailing our office (hr@slsd.org), especially if we are closed on a Tuesday or Thursday due to a holiday, inclement weather, or are engaged in meetings.
      • Note that on walk-in days (Tuesdays and Thursdays), we are available to assist with clearances between 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m. (EST/EDT). We are also located at 5775 Main Street, Center Valley, PA 18034. 
      • All required paperwork must be submitted together; we cannot accept partial packets or piecemeal clearances (e.g., one clearance per visit).

      Note that any individual who is new to Southern Lehigh SD must submit clearances dated within 12 months of issue. We can accept clearances from other educational organizations in which you were employed only if they were issued in the past calendar year but we cannot, under any circumstances, accept clearances if they are from organizations in which you were not formally employed.

      Individuals who have a history of engagement with the Southern Lehigh SD must re-submit clearances every 60 months from the date of issue. Under ACT 82 of 2012, individuals who fail to resubmit new and timely clearances risks disciplinary actio up to and including termination. Please note that our office does not send reminder notices.

      Lastly, we strongly recommend that you keep your submitted clearances in a safe place for future reference. The district may not be able to supply copies, especially if your clearances have expired.


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