Suspicious Behavior

Identifying & Reporting Suspicious Behavior

  • Under ACT 126 of 2012, all school employees who has (1) direct contact with children (i.e., the possibility of care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children) and (2) has reasonable cause to suspect child abuse of one or more child(ren) within the organization has a duty to report to this suspicious behavior. These individuals are known as known as a mandated reporters whereas any individual who does not meet one or both conditions noted above is considered a permissive reporter.

    Mandated reporters can make a report either online or via phone and instructions for each are provided below. Note that mandated reporters must submit their name and contact information when making a report. (Permissive reporters, however, can anonymously file a report of suspected child abuse).

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Important Phone Numbers

  • If you are making a child abuse claim by phone, please call:

    Pennsylvania ChildLine Abuse and Registry Intake 

    TDM: (800) 932-0313 

    TDD: (866) 872-1677

    Reports can be made 24hrs/ day, 7 days/ week.

    If you make a child abuse claim by phone, you will need to submit a report to:

    Lehigh County Children and Youth 

    TDM: (610) 782-3064

    FAX: (610) 871-2774

    If you need local assistance, please call:

    Upper Saucon Township Police Department

    TDM: (610) 282-3064

    Coopersburg Borough Police

    TDM: (610) 282-1444

    In case of an emergency, IMMEDIATELY call :



  • Child Abuse Reporting Training (Employees, Coaches, and Ancillary Workers)

  • Child Abuse Reporting Training (Volunteers)

  • How to Report Abuse Online

  • How to Report Abuse by Phone