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Healthcare Benefits

  • The Southern Lehigh School District is a member of the Lehigh Valley Health Benefits Consortium, an association of school districts that collectively negotiate health insurance coverage. You can learn more about our various coverage options by exploring the pull-down menus below.

    All employees who work ≥30 hrs/ wk are eligible for employer-subsidized health insurance. Such eligible employees can enroll in one or more of the district's healthcare plans during any of the following periods:

    1. Spring Open Enrollment (May) 
    2. Fall Open Enrollment (October)
    3. At the time of Hire
    4. Qualifying Life Event (e.g., Marriage, Birth of Child, etc.)

    NOTE: Eligible employees who decline coverage from the Southern Lehigh SD may receive a disenrollment credit of $900/ year, disbursed equally over 24 pay periods. However, to qualify for the disenrollment credit, you must decline all coverage (i.e., medical, prescription, dental, and vision).

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Retirement Benefits

  • The Southern Lehigh School District is a contributing member of the Public Schools Employees Retirement Systems (PSERS), a governmental, cost-sharing, multiple-employer pension plan for public school employees in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    All employees must contribute to PSERS starting their first day of employment; contributions are automatically deducted via payroll. However, to become eligible for membership in PSERS, an employee must work 500 hours or 80 days (whichever is greater) during a given school/ fiscal year. Employees who do not meet this threshold may be eligible to receive a refund from PSERS for any contributions made via payroll deduction. You can explore PSERS contribution rates by membership class more via the pull-down menu below. 

    The Southern Lehigh SD offers eligible employees the opportunity to save additional money for retirement through various 403(b) and 457(b) plans. You can learn more about these plan options via the pull-down menu below.

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  • Dental & Vision Coverage