Tuesday Dozen Information

  • Tuesday Dozens

    The following attachments are the Tuesday Dozens we use in class. Tuesday Dozens are given to students every other Tuesday throughout the school year. Tuesday Dozen worksheets are due two weeks after they are assigned. The worksheets are graded assignments and will make up a portion of the final math grade. I tell my students to treat these like an open book quiz. Below you will find the guidelines I use in my class with the Tuesday Dozens.

    • All Tuesday Dozens may be turned in as many times as needed for quick checks (please refer to the handout for a better explanation of quick checks).
    • All Tuesday Dozens are worth 12 points, and have a potential extra credit problem on the back of the page.
    • All Tuesday Dozens are to be handed in on the due date. Failure to turn in the Tuesday Dozen on time will result in a zero for the assignment.

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