Joseph P. Liberati Intermediate School FAQ


    How do I notify the school that my child is going to be absent?

    Parents are asked to report absent students by calling 610-861-4040 and leaving a message on our attendance line. Please remember that a written excuse explaining the reason for your child’s absence is still required. Absences without written legal excuse are considered unexcused under PA School Code. Excuses must include the student’s name, date(s) of absence, and reason for absence and are due within three (3) days of the student’s return to school. Please be aware that we are unable to accept notes by email since we cannot verify that the sender is a parent/guardian.


    How do I request homework when my child is absent?

    Requests for homework will be accommodated for absences from school for 2 or more days.  Parents may email teachers directly or contact the main office to file a homework request.


    My family is planning a trip during the school year. How do I inform the school?

    Families planning a trip during the school year are required to submit an Educational Family Trip Request Form ten (10) days in advance of leave. Approval for educational trips are at the discretion of the Principal. A student’s attendance and/or academic standing may impact upon the approval process. Absences resulting from unapproved trips will be unexcused.

    Educational Family Trips absences do count toward a student’s 10 day cumulative absence limit (the maximum number of days a student may be absent without a physician’s authorization). The district asks that parents avoid educational family trips during PSSA or Keystone state testing.


    We moved to a new home in the district. How do I change my address?

    Residents are asked to inform the district of any changes in address. Please contact your child’s school and provide this information to the school secretary.


    How do I sign-up or update my contact information in Blackboard Connect?

    Please find the directions on how to create or modify a Blackboard Connect account by going the Parent tab.


    How can I view my child’s grades and progress during the school year?

    Parents are encouraged to set up a Sapphire Community Web Portal account. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to monitor your child’s progress throughout the school year. Additionally, since report cards are electronic, you will need a Sapphire account to view quarterly report cards.  Directions detailing how to establish an account can be found in the Parent Tab.


    What is a “cycle day”?

    The intermediate school operates on a 5-day cycle schedule rather than a weekly schedule. The days are identified as Days A to E. The first day of school is day A. Days continue to cycle consecutively. Interruptions in the calendar due to holidays, in-service, and weather do not disrupt the cycle. So if the last open day of school is Wednesday and it is day B, and school is closed on Thursday and Friday for inclement weather, inservice or a holiday, then when students return to school on Monday it will be day C.


    What does the school day schedule look like at the Intermediate School?

    The instructional day is 6 hours and 40 minutes long (8:50AM to 3:30PM). Core instruction is divided into three ninety minute blocks of time (90 minutes Language Arts/reading, 90 minutes of mathematics, and 90 minutes for social studies and/or science). All students have one daily 45 minute complimentary related arts course which includes either Health and Physical Education, art, music or STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). A 30 minute Spartan period occurs daily which is used for enrichment, intervention, guidance lessons, and ancillary music education (instrument lessons). Students receive 30 minutes for lunch and a short recess period.


    Where can I find school supply lists?

    School supply lists are posted in August. Please refer to the list found under the PARENTS tab.


    How do I pay for lunch or add money to an EZSchoolPay account?

    The district accepts cash or checks for the payment of school lunch. Please send your payment in a sealed envelope with your child's name, homeroom, student ID #, & amount written on the outside of the envelope. Payment by check is preferred. Please  write your child's name and student ID number on the "memo" line so that your account is properly credited. Checks should be made out to "Southern Lehigh Cafeteria."

    Cafeteria meal payments may also be made online at  In addition to adding money to your child’s lunch account with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Card, you may also view your child’s transactions for the past 30 days. To register, simply visit and click “Parents Sign Up”.  You will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to begin.


    What are the weather and temperature guidelines for outdoor recess?

    Students in grades 1 through 6 have recess daily, weather permitting. It is important that students are dressed properly for outdoor play (hats, gloves, scarves and warm coats are necessary during the winter months). Students are not permitted to play in the snow. The district refers to the “Real Feel” temperature value to determine the suitability for outdoor play. The following guidelines are used: Real feel above 32 degrees fahrenheit will result in normal recess (20 minutes).  From 20 to 31 degrees, students will play outdoors for 15 minutes, and if the real feel is below 19 degrees there will be no outdoor recess. Other local site factors may be taken into consideration when determining the appropriateness for outdoor recess including wind gusts in the play-yard area, sun, and current blacktop/play yard conditions.

    My child has high mathematical ability. Are there accelerated course offerings?

    Yes. Students are invited to participate in voluntary math testing near the completion of 5th grade for possible course acceleration in grade 6. Here is a link to our K-12 math curriculum page to learn more about our math program at SLSD.  Extended Grade 6 Mathematics is the accelerated course title.  


    What must I do to volunteer in school or be a Field Trip chaperone?

    PA law places stringent requirements on Districts and persons seeking to volunteer in schools. The following clearances are needed to be a volunteer. Once all are completed, please submit these clearance to the main office at your child’s school.

    1) PA Criminal History Record Check (Act 34)

    2) PA Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151). Goto: Click "Create Individual Account". The Keystone Key is a username you create. Follow the site's step-by-step instructions for creating a password.  Be sure to keep a record of your Keystone Key and Password since you will need these to access your results. You will receive an email from the site when your results are available, within 14 days of submission.  

    3) FBI Fingerprint Clearance (Act 114). There are two options.  A) If you have been a Pennsylvania resident fewer than 10 consecutive years, you must complete the fingerprinting process. Enroll at IdentoGo and make an appointment for fingerprinting at a location of your choice. The service code for VOLUNTEERS is 1KG6Y3. Payment is made at time of fingerprinting by credit card or money order. Personal checks and cash are not accepted. B) If you have been a Pennsylvania resident for the past 10 consecutive years, you may submit the Volunteer Affidavit in place of fingerprinting. School personnel must witness the affidavit, so please visit the school building before signing.

    4) Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form. Print and sign the form.


    Is there a PTA, PTO or PTG?

    Yes! All parents are invited to become members and participate in the school’s Parent-Teacher Group. The PTG meets once monthly. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated. Click Here to jump to our PTG Page.


    Is there a student directory?

    Yes. The school’s PTG compiles a student directory as a courtesy to families. Parents are invited to participate, and only the names of families choosing to share information are included in the school directory. Once compiled, the directory is sent as an attachment to all families through a Blackboard Connect message.