Early & End Day Pick Up

  • Except in cases of emergency, your child should know that you are picking them up. End day dismissal begins at 3:25PM. All students are expected to be picked up by 3:45PM. Students will meet parents in front of the school.

    Regularly Occurring After School Pick Up:

    If you intend to pick up your child from school and have a consistent routine, one standing note to our office with the following information will suffice all year:

    1. Ex. “John Doe, Grade 4, Mr. Weaver/Mrs. Ruth, will be picked up from school every day.
    2. Ex.“John Doe, Grade 4, Mr. Weaver/Mrs. Ruth will be picked up from school every Wednesday and ride the bus home on all other school days.”
    3. If there is no consistency to your pick up routine, then an online request or a parent note needs to be provided to the school each day of pick up.


    Other Non-Routine After-School Pick Ups or Early Appointments:

    Please do one of the following if you will be picking up your child early from school. Please understand that once dismissal has begun, we will not hold up the buses or pull students off for late arriving parent pick ups.

    1. Online Parent Pick-up Request Form To access this form click here. Deadline for submission 2:00PM - no exceptions. If this form is submitted past 2:00, your child will be instructed to board their regularly schedule school bus. We cannot get information to students without adequate advanced notice. (This is our preferred method of making a request. Please give it a try!)
    2. Use the Early Pick Up Form printable below. Send it to school with your child in the morning.
    3. Parent Note – Send a written note with your name, the student’s name, date, time of pick-up, and the responsible person picking up the student (non-custodial adults picking-up children must be listed as an emergency contact on school records).