Reading and Math Interventions


    Do the Math- This program focuses on the strategies to effectively use the basic math operations.  Concepts are taught in multiple ways using manipulatives and are linked to mathematical representations and language.

    Elevations- This comprehensive math program uses the Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach, starting with manipulatives and drawing before applying the skills they’ve learned in practice work.


    Sonday II- The focus of this program is phonics, syllabication rules and using prefixes and suffixes to strengthen decoding and fluency.

    Soar to Success- This program focuses on strengthening comprehension using reciprocal teaching strategies- predicting, clarifying, summarizing, and questioning.

    My Sidewalks- Vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension are addressed in this program that uses a predictable lesson structure.

    Read Naturally- This program uses repeated reading to increase students’ oral reading fluency and sight word recognition.