How to find a Video, Assignment, and Quiz

  • How to find an enVisions Video, Assignment, and Quiz


    1.   After logging in to the enVision site, you will be at the student's welcome page.

    2.   Look on the right side.  Half way down the right side you will see, "enVisionMATH Common Core" followed by the icon of a pencil and pad.  Click on the words, "To Do".

    3.   This will bring up your child’s assignments. You will find these on the left side of the site’s page.  (Refer to your child’s agenda or teachers website for the lesson number.)  There may be a number of assignments, so you may need to use the green arrows at the top right of the gray box to change screens to find the correct assignment.

    4.   Click on the bar that includes the assignment number.  This will bring up the lesson.  You may wish to review the material that was presented in class by selecting "Learn" on the left column. Click “Right Arrow Icon” to get started.

    5.   To get to the leveled homework, your child will need to select the "Quiz" and answer the five questions. 

    6.   After the last question, the program will ask if you want the quiz graded.  You must select “YES”. 

    7.   The score will appear and you must click on the gray box, which tells the homework assigned based on the quiz score.

    8.   Now you can print. (See the printer icon on the bottom right side.)