Class Expectations

  • Mr. Cooperman's Expectations
    4th Grade
    Southern Lehigh Intermediate School

        These guidelines are meant to provide you with a head start to your 4th grade year.  They will provide you with a basic framework of what you can expect to encounter throughout this school year and how to achieve success and enjoyment within each school day. 

    Expectations...there are only 3

    1. Do the right thing...This sounds very simple and it is. You are the oldest students in the school, you know how to act and you know what you should and shouldn't be doing.

    2. The only 3 things you can control in life is your Attitude, Effort, and Actions. Have a POSITIVE attitude, give 100% effort, and control your actions every day in my classroom.

    3. In my classroom, we practice respect...
    Everyone and their ideas
    People around you (i.e. custodial staff, secretaries, and other people that help in the building)
    Electronics and Technology
    Classrooms...if its not yours, do not take or use without permission.