Grade 4 Health

  • Please note the following:
    1.  Students must have on sneakers that either tie or Velcro to be able to participate in Physical
         Education.  Slip-on sneakers are not appropriate.  Not wearing the proper sneakers will result  
         in a "0" for the day.
    2.  Students receive one grade for the combination of both Health and Physical Education.
    3.  In Physical Education, a student's grade is determined by the following factors - Effort (including
         warm-up, Sportsmanship/Cooperation, Rules/Tactics and Performance/Skills
    4.  Health is scheduled to begin in early October, with an exact date to follow.  Health usually runs
         until mid-March, dependent on the weather.  


    Physical Education - Intro to PE, Movement Exploration, Tag Games, Stations, 1/2 Mile Run and 
                                  Lead-up Flag Football Activities 
                                  Please note that the nurse will be recording heights, weights and performing
                                  vision screenings during one physical education class

    OCTOBER: Please note that Health will begin on October 17 and take place on Days B,D 
                      and F 

    Physical Education - Flag Football, Capture the Flag, Student of the Month Selection and Pumpkin
                                  Students of the month Liz Y. and Bryan H. 

    Health - What is Health? and Nutrition Unit - Nutrients

    NOVEMBER: Health will not be held during conference week

    Physical Education - Indoor Soccer, Prison Ball, Keeper of the Kingdom, Hunger Games and Student
                                  of the Month Selection  

    Health - Nutrition Unit: Food Influences, Food Plate and Nervous System 


    Physical Education -  Cooperative Game: Survivor Island, Holiday Games, Cone Flipping and 
                                   Students of the Month Selection - John S. and Rachel S. 
    Health - Nutrition Unit: Blast Off Game and Drug Unit - Medicine 


    Physical Education - Pillow Hockey, Individual Competitions - Jump Rope, Hula Hoop and Jump the 

    Health - Drug Unit - Alcohol and Tobacco and Integumentary System Intro


    Physical Education - SPUD, Vertical Jump, Indoor Softball, Scooter Relays and Student of the Month
          Students of the Month - Aurelia F and Matthew E.

    Health - Integumentary System, Self-Esteem/Self-Concept 


    Physical Education - Balance Relays, Basketball Hot Shot, Dr. Ball, Bridge Tag, Mat ball and Partner 
                                  Cooperation Activities - Partner Tag and Mat challenges

    Health - Anger Management,  Conflict Management and Refusal Skills


    Physical Education - Line Tag, Spring Half-Mile Run, Team Cooperative Activity - TicTacToe Relay,
                                  Intro to Wrestling, Climbing Wall and Rescue 911
                                 Students of the Month - Victoria R. and Kasra A.

    Health - Completed: Students will have Physical Education both days of the cycle

    MAY - Field day is scheduled for Thursday, June 1st with the rain date being the next day

    Physical Education - Team Handball, Capture the Flag, Keeper of the Kingdom, Volleyball Lead-Up and