Social Studies

  • Course Overview

    (Quarter 1 and 2)

    Our curriculum commences with focus on the characteristics of a civilization. What made these ancient people thrive in a world of such uncertain times?

    Ancient civilizations begins with the study of Egypt and the overall dependence of the Egyptians on the Nile River for survival.

    We will be reading a novel by Vicky Alvear Shecter called

    “Cleopatra Rules”

    The study of Ancient Greece then follows, with concentration on the development and growth of the Greek city-states and contributions from Greece that have lived on through modern times.

    (Quarter 3 and 4)

    The unit concludes with the study of the growth of the mighty Roman Empire, ways of life during Roman times, and Roman contributions that have an impact on our society.

    Our year concludes with an in-depth look at immigration to America, with emphasis on Ellis Island and European migration from the 1820's to 1954.

    We will be reading a novel by Karen Hesse called

    “Letters from Rifka”

    Our new social studies curriculum will be interwoven, throughout the course of the year, within each of the above major topics listed above such as, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Immigration.

    The new social studies curriculum consists of the following:

    1. Geography

    -Emphasis on knowing the continents, hemispheres, countries,

    oceans, rivers etc...

    -Use of Google Earth, globes, maps, compass rose

    -Students should be able to make connections between the countries being taught and today.

    School wide Geography Bee will take place at the beginning of the new year.

    1. Religion

    -We are not teaching religion. We are instructing ABOUT the

    many different world religions and our need for tolerance and

    acceptance of others beliefs, customs and cultures.

    1. Military Conflicts

    -Global wars will be discussed and debated as to their impact on our

    lives directly and the lives on generations to come.

    1. Government and Civics

    -The constitution, elections,

    1. Immigration today

    Hot Topic: Illegal immigration

    and...current events through use Flocabulary and NEWSELA.