Rules and Expectations

  • Requirements and Expectations
    6th Grade Life Science
    Southern Lehigh Intermediate School

        These guidelines are meant to provide you with a head start to your 6th grade science experience.  They will provide you with a basic framework of what you can expect to encounter throughout this school year and how to achieve success and enjoyment within each school day.  Everything from assessment options to grades to classroom rules has been provided.

        Assessment Options  
    1.    Lab Work
    a.    We try to have at least one lab activity per week (individual or group)
    b.    During each lab period, some type of lab activity will be completed using the scientific method.  Many activities use equipment found in the science classroom.  However, there will be times that we will ask students to bring in materials to be used for an activity/experiment.
    c.    There will usually be a follow up assignment to be completed either prior to the conclusion of class or for homework.
    d.    The point value for labs will vary.

    2.    Tests and Quizzes
    a.    Quizzes are given throughout the learning of each unit.  They will usually occur at least once every two weeks.  Most quizzes will be announced at least one day in advance but an occasional pop quiz is also fair game.
    b.    The point values of quizzes will vary dependent upon the type of quiz.  Quizzes should be a fairly easy way to boost your grade.
    c.    Tests will usually be given at the conclusion of each unit.  Tests will always be announced at least two days in advance.  The day before the test will be used as some type of review session.
    d.    The point values for tests will vary dependent upon the material expected to be learned and understood.

    3.    Notebook
    a.    Notebooks will be checked periodically with occasional checks yielding a grade.
    b.    Notebooks must be organized in a neat and orderly fashion and should be divided into 3 sections:    class notes, handouts, questions of the day
    *Notes must be neat!  Keeping a neat notebook will benefit you in your daily preparation as well as in studying for assessments.  You should put the date on each sheet you are given.
    c.    Any notebook checks yielding a grade will have a checklist provided prior to the date of the check.

    4.    Homework / Class Participation
    a.    Classroom participation is expected.  This can come in many ways.  Asking questions, sharing relevant experiences, answering teacher/student generated questions, and participating within a group activity are all excellent ways to participate.  By participating, class will become more fun and interesting for everyone.
    b.    All homework assignments are to be completed for the next class unless you are told otherwise.

    5.    Projects
    Projects will have individual requirements that will be discussed at the time the project is assigned.

        Lab and Classroom Assignment Instructions
    Lab and classroom assignments are done throughout each week, during and following lab activities.  The assignments will vary, but the following directions should always be used.

    1.    Use white lined paper or the paper set up for that lab.
    2.    Show all work for calculations.

           * Most daily assignments are 5 points each.  A late assignment will be given partial credit.
    Make-Up Work

        Students who miss class for any reason (illness, band practice, doctor appointment, assemblies, student council, suspension, appointments in the office, going to the lavatory, etc.) MUST make up the work that they miss.  It is YOUR responsibility to find out what work was done when YOU were not in class.

        Science work will be made up as follows:

    1.    CLASS NOTES
    Notes can be copied from another reliable student in your section.  Make sure to ask your teacher for any handouts that you missed.  Remember, these papers may count as part of your notebook grade.  If you wait three weeks to ask the teacher for the papers there may not be any left.
    2.    TESTS or QUIZZES
    If you were present when the test or quiz was announced and when the review sheets were distributed, you are expected to take the test or quiz when you return to school.  If you were out several days and did not know that the test was announced and did not get the in-class work, the teacher will allow time for you to prepare for the test or quiz and set a date for the

    3.    LAB WORK
    Lab work will be made up by arranging a time with your teacher.  In order to make up a lab you must arrange this time in advance and come prepared with the following things:
        Hall Pass, Pencil, Science Notebook
    *If you do not come prepared to make up the lab, you probably will not be permitted to complete your work.

    On time with a pencil or pen, paper, book, and notebook…whatever is needed for class.

    This will earn you 1 point each day throughout the marking period.  Class preparation will be computed as part of your overall grade!  You could earn approximately 45 points by coming to class prepared!

    Basic Classroom Rules

    1.    You will come to class prepared and ready to learn. 
    (On time with a pencil, pen, paper, book, and notebook)

    2.    Raise your hand if you would like to participate (ask a question, respond to a question, etc.).

    3.    No candy or gum chewing.

    4.    Give your best effort.

    *There may be a few other rules that differ from classroom to classroom.

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