Class Pets

  •  Welcome to our Classroom Pet's Home 
    This is a place that you will be able to find information about our class pets, Karl, Akula (means shark in Russian), Marco, and the four Fired Bellied Toads.

    Karl is a bearded dragon. Karl's favorite foods are wax worms, crickets and some vegetables. He eats on average 100 to 200 crickets a week. Karl is about 8 inches long.


    Akula is a red eared slider turtle. He is housed in a seventy-five gallon tank  that is filled with an estimated 50 gallons of water. This type of turtle enjoys eating feeder fish and turtle food.


    Marco is a Leopard Gecko.  He was  adopted and seems to enjoy his home with our class.

    Video Below has all the pets in it! *Smaug and Oscar are no longer a classroom pets.

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