My Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy


   1. Create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

    Getting to know my students through conversation, sharing and surveys.

    Inviting physical arrangement of the room

   2. All students should feel safe to participate and take academic   risks

  Praise and encouragement

   Opportunities to try again

   3. All students should be respected and give respect

    Lead by example

     Regular class meetings

     Follow our We “R” Spartans behavior plan

- (respectful, responsible, rule abiding, ready, rigorous and resilient)

   4. Recognize different learning styles in my students

     Utilize all types; Visual, auditory and tactile

-       Verbal and written directions

-       Graphic organizers

-       Anchors (examples)

-       Posted directions and examples

-       Echoing of directions (students repeat back what I said)

-       Use manipulatives

-       Modeling


   5. Small group, individual conferencing

   6. Many opportunities to work in partnerships, groups and independently.