Classroom News

Important Dates:
 Mon.  5/15: Fact Fluency
Tues.  5/16  Friday Folders returned
Thurs. 5/25:  Field Trip  Be here at 7:50, pack a disposable lunch
Fri.    5/26:  1/2 day for students  (we will be making our Field Day Shirts)
Wed.  5/31:  Topic 7 Test
                May Centers Due
Thurs. 6/1:   Field Day (Rain Date 6/2)
Wed. 6/7:    End of Year Picnic
Fri.   6/9:    Last Day for Students 1/2 day

 Homework:  5/22 - 5/26               
Day                             Date                   Assignments                                             

WS 7.4

Return Friday Folder


WS 7.5

Topic 7 Test Wed. 5/31


WS 7.6

2 to 3 Problems TD #1

Pack a disposable lunch for Field Trip



Return Friday Folders

If you have forgotten a math practice HW sheet you can access them online at our math textbook website.  Go to
  Login (students have this information in their agenda book)

Scroll down to My Books

          Click open book (make sure you are clicking the common core book)

          Click Student Resources

          Click Topic #

          Click Lesson #

          Click Practice and the worksheet will open up, 

    * Please note that Practice worksheets are the only ones you are able to access. Students may be assigned additional worksheets that are not found online. 

Google Classroom Link:
Students need to log into their spartandocs account first
username: sn23.lastnamefirstinitial   (ex:
password: SlsdstudentID  (ex. Slsd12345) (S is capital)
go to google classroom
Click Join class 
  Lowry Homeroom      Core 1 code:  ktxlx8  
  Dex Homeroom        Core 2 code:  421d6gv 
  Weaver Homeroom    Core 3 Code: rexggas

  Lowry Homeroom:     Core 1 code: B564E2
 Dex Homeroom        Core 2 code: 46639B
 Weaver Homeroom    Core 3 Code: 693CB1

Password: Lowrymath2016

   Lowry Homeroom      Core 1 code:  K4yEKV 
  Dex Homeroom        Core 2 code:  5ESS3X
  Weaver Homeroom    Core 3 Code:  PXG25D 

This weeks Tuesday Dozen: Scroll down and click the related file link

Centers/ Extension Assignment: Scroll down and click the related file link.

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