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      Lowry Homeroom:     Core 1 code: B564E2
    Dex Homeroom        Core 2 code: 46639B
    Weaver Homeroom    Core 3 Code: 693CB1

MP1 Activities:

Common Core Math Activities:   (Click CCSS Math Grade 5)

IXL Practice:    

Fact practice: All operations:


     Username: slis5    Password: Lowry5

Practice 6th Grade Skills:

Free Rice:

Set Game:
(Each day there is a new SET daily puzzle that includes 6 sets using the 12 cards.)

Calculation Nation:  (Login as a guest)

Math In The Real World:  (try out jobs that require math)

Multiplication Practice:

Math Dictionary

5th Grade Math Skills Assessment:  (A variety of topics to choose from)

Use the side bar menu under math resources for extra practice. Just click the chapter we are working on.