PSSA Resources

PSSA General Strategies for Students

  • Right before you begin the PSSA, relax and think positive thoughts.

  • Don't work too fast - take your time and think carefully.

  • Remember, you can write whatever you want in your test booklet.

  • Be sure that you fill in your answers on the answer sheet ("bubble sheet"), and do not write anything extra on that answer sheet,

  • Reread all the answer choices before you select an answer

  • watch out for trick answers - there may be a better answer choice.

  • Watch out for words like never, always, all, and only

  • try to put the question in your own words.

  • In your test booklet, cross out any answer choices that you know are wrong.

  • Answer all the questions, do not leave any blank

  • Try not to waste too much time on a question - you can skip a question, and move on to the next one, but remember to go back later and answer questions you skipped.

  • In your test book, if you skip a question, circle the number so you can go back to it later.

  • If you skip a question, also skip that number on your answer sheet so you are still on the right question number

  • if you answered a question but you are not sure about it or you guessed, circle that number in your test book so you can go back later to try again.

  • When you answer a question, circle the answer choice in your test book and fill in the bubble or circle on the answer sheet - then when you are finished, you can go back to make sure you filled in the right circle for each question

  • carefully fill in the circles on the answer sheet, so the circles are completely filled and dark.

  • On the answer sheet, be careful not to fill in two circles for a single question.

  • Do not make any extra pencil marks on your answer sheet - extra marks can be counted like wrong answers.

  • When you're finished, go back and check your answers - answer any questions you skipped and check ones you weren't sure about.

  • Don't be afraid to change your answer when you go back, if you find a better answer. 

PSSA Test Tips for Parents:

To help your child prepare adequately for the PSSA tests, you can do several things to encourage your child to do his/her best.

  •  Make sure your child is in school during the testing sessions.

  •  Encourage your child to listen carefully to all of the directions and ask questions about  anything that is not clear.

  •  See that your child gets an adequate amount of sleep before the test.

  •  Make sure that your child eats his/her usual breakfast on the day of the test.

  •  Encourage your child to do his/her best!