Classroom News

    Happy Fall!!    

    ***This is a VERY exciting year.  I am looking forward to working with you. Please check my website frequently as it will be the primary mode of communication.  

    All things Google- We are very excited this year to be able to work within the Google platform to help make our classrooms green and engaging.  All students will be a part of Google Classroom.  Ask your child to show you how to access the classroom, and check in to see what we are doing.  The Google Classroom environment is to help enhance teacher and student led instruction.  As we get more comfortable with it, you may see an increase in activity.  We have also added a homework calendar on our websites that includes homework for the entire team.   

    Social Studies-   Currently we are beginning to address our Early European Explorers and the impacts they had on the Americas.  They will be busy with hands on exploration of the topics.   

    Reminder... For those that like to get a jump on studying, I upload most items that are available digitally to the HOMEWORK/HANDOUTS section for the specific subject as soon as I have it updated. Additionally, items may be available in Google Classroom.    

    Science- We are finishing up our unit on the design process and how engineers work to improve products and processes.  We will be moving into a unit on Force and Motion as we near the end of the marking period. 

    Spelling- Spelling will be done on a Monday through Friday cycle and will align with each ELA unit.                                                         

    Other-  "Social Selfies" Feel free to bring a printed selfie of you on your travels (near or far), not just you and your friends hanging out at the pool.  Bring a selfie, and tell us about where you were.  Maybe we can all learn something through your experiences.  I will have some examples for you the first week of school.  Please note...Pics will be written on to note the location so be sure it is a picture you can reprint if you choose. 

     ***Important note- NO GUM ALLOWED.     

    Old News that still helps!

    Below are some key tips to help you get your year off to a great start.

    • When we are spending time together, we will focus on Science and Social Studies, but we WILL apply what you learn in Language Arts and Math as well. You can't leave that behind when you leave Language Arts.  
    • While I have many supplies and resources available for you to use, many students prefer to have their own crayons, colored pencils and/ or markers. This is strongly encouraged. We use them frequently.  
    • Things tend to get rather "sticky" in class too...Post its are ALWAYS something good for you to have. 
    • Return all signed papers as soon as possible.  Before the due date is always good! This is especially important for the return of assessments. 
    • Visit the homework and handout section of the website for any extra copies of anything you may need.  If I have it digitally, it will be there.  
    • Use the school supply link below to access the supply list for our team as well as general supplies. All students will be given a hard copy of the school supply list too.  
    • We can always use an ample supply of tissues.  As you visit the grocery store, an extra box for classroom use is always GREATLY appreciated.  
    • Most importantly...Come ready to learn and have fun!  I promise to keep you on your toes.