Tempting Tens

  • Posted below are the Tempting Tens that we will be doing throughout the year.  If you are familiar with the Tuesday Dozen, it is similar.  The students will get their Tempting Tens and it will be due one week later.  The students have the opportunity to turn their Tempting Tens in everyday of the week.  I will correct them and return any that need corrections.  If a student turns it in early and it is all correct, then they are already done for the week.

    The idea behind the Tempting Tens is for review and mastery of concepts that have been learned throughout the Fourth Grade year.  That is why all the students have the opportunity to turn the Tempting Tens in to be checked throughout the week and be able to make changes by the due date.  Tempting Tens are part of the students' grades and not turning the Tempting Tens in will result points lost for everyday late or a Zero for not turning it in at all.

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