Chapter 5 Earth Resources

  • 1. Examining Properties of Minerals:

    Download the Examining the Properties of Minerals document at the bottom of the page.  Use the HR Proscope to display and capture magnified images of the minerals on your computer.  Save the images on your desktop and drag them to your mineral document.  Then complete the description of each mineral.  You will print your document in color after you have been checked.

    Mineral Resourcces

    Identifying and Classifying Minerals
    How Minerals are Identified
    Mohs Hardness Scale

    2. Researching Minerals Projects

    Mineral Guide

    Minerals by Name

    Minerals for Kids

    MasterMines - game

    3. Rock Cycle Activity

    At the bottom of the page, open the Rock Cycle Activity document.  Use the links on the document to access the webpages needed for the activity.

    4. All About Clouds

    Click on the links below to access the directions for the cloud project and the book All About Clouds. 

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