*Spelling Practice Ideas:
    pdf Synonym and Antonym (PDF 51 KB)
    Have students find the synonyms and antonyms of their spelling words.

    pdf Whats Missing (PDF 54 KB)
    Students write sentences in which their words could be written, but leave the words out.

    pdf Word Scramble (PDF 46 KB)
    Write their words on one line correctly, and then on the other line scramble the letters.

    pdf Word Search (PDF 27 KB)
    Students create a word search using their spelling words.

    pdf ABC Order (PDF 37 KB)
    Write your words in ABC order.

    pdf 5 Times Each (PDF 19 KB)
    Write each spelling word 5 times each.

    pdf 10 Definitions (PDF 20 KB)
    Have your son/daughter find the definitions of their spelling words

    pdf Spelling Math (PDF 55 KB)
    Activity that combines math with spelling

    pdf Story (PDF 19 KB)
    Have your son/daughter write a story using their spelling words. They could also do this in their journal as an entry.

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