• Welcome! 



    I look forward to meeting you all very soon!  This year I will be teaching you Language Arts and Social Studies.  You will spend about half of each day in my room and half of your day across the hall with Mrs. DeSanctis (Mrs. D to many of her students).  Many times during the year you will be mixing up our names since we both start with the letter D.  Some of you may remember seeing me around the halls of Liberty Bell where I began teaching before my move to the Intermediate School when it opened or maybe I've had some of your brothers or sisters.  Sometimes the Intermediate School may feel different, but after you've been in it for a little while you will love it.  I promise that this year you will learn a lot and have fun doing it.  I hope that you are ready because it's going to be a great year!


    I am so happy to be teaching your children.  I truly love what I do and am thankful for each day in the classroom.  During the course of the year please do not hesitate to communicate with me any concerns that you may have about your child or if you have any specific needs that need to be addressed.  I can respond to e-mails the fastest but if you'd like to discuss something over the phone or if you prefer to send in notes please do so.  I do ask that you check your child's Agenda book each night but I do not require a signature.  I believe that as 4th graders your child is ready to take on the responsibility but may still need to be reminded of upcoming work.  Thank you for your support!