Classoom Rules

  • In addition to classroom routines and procedures, we have created a list of EXPECTED STUDENT BEHAVIORS for the classroom.  Again, these rules and expected behavior resemble the Spartan R's.  They are as follows:

    1.  Come prepared to class and ready to learn.  This includes homework and all materials necessary for class (see materials section to be sure you have all of the required materials).

    2.  Be on time!  Be in class, in your assigned seat, and filling in agenda at the beginning of class.  Complete any work left on your desk (daily edit, journal, etc.).

    3.  Raise your hand if you would like to participate (ask a question, respond to a comment, etc.).

    4.  Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    5.  Food, drinks, gum, and candy are not allowed in my classroom.  No peanut products! Since classrooms are often shared with other teachers, this rule needs to be followed. 

    6.  Write your assignment in your agenda.

    7.  Be respectful of others, their belongings, and materials in the classroom.


    *  Please be aware that rules may differ from classroom to classroom.

    If you choose not to met the expected student behaviors, I will respond with the following CONSEQUENCES:

    1.  Nonverbal/Verbal reminder
    2.  Teacher conference
    3.  Teacher detention/Parent Contact
    4.  Parent Conference
    5.  Guidance Referral
    6.  Administrative Referral

    * In some situations, steps may not be taken in this order.