Homework, Late Work, Absences, Grading

    Other information which is important for you to know about include:
    homework, late work, Accelerated Reader, absences, and grading.

    Homework:  There will be homework in this class.  Homework is NOT optional.  Assignments will be clearly explained and then written in your agenda book.  Independent reading is an additional responsibility in order to complete the required monthly Reading Calendar Log and gain points for Accelerated Reader.  The number of points for the first marking period is 6 points second marking period 7 points, and so forth.

    Spelling:  Spelling is assigned on a weekly basis (usually not on shortened weeks).  The spelling words come from our new series Reading Street or from Read 180, and follow a pattern each week. Students will complete practice pages and do Spelling City activities to prepare for the spelling test (Fridays). Students may work on the Spelling City activities at home but may not complete the test (TestMe) until in school on Friday.

    Late Work:  Assignments will be accepted up to two days after the due date, however for each day the assignment is late, points are deducted from a weekly homework grade.  If there are special circumstances, we will work out an appropriate and acceptable due date together.

    Accelerated Reader:  Or AR for short - Students should always have an AR (independent reading) book with them.  This AR book can travel with them to all of their other classes as well.  At the Intermediate School, this program is used to promote independent reading with accountability.  Students will only become better readers by READING! Students in Read 180 need to choose AR books within their Lexile level.  By choosing books within their lexile level, students will find more success.  AR quizzes will be taken during a portion of our Read 180 class, usually during software time.  Students may request to take an AR test during EF if they inform me ahead of time, so I will be able to meet them in our classroom.

    Absences:  If you miss a class, you are responsible for finding out what assignments you missed.  This includes in-class work, and/or homework.  Luckily, daily homework is listed on the Weekly Assignment Sheet and is emailed to parents.  Work missed must be turned in up to two days after you return to school, unless other arrangements are made.

    Grading: Students are graded on a point system.  Each assignment/assessment is given a point value, and a score is assigned based on correct assessment responses.