Routines / Procedures


    To make our class time together run smoothly, the students and I have a set of routines/procedures in place in the classroom.  The students and I determined these routines/procedures together, and they were practiced until each student had them down pat.  Now, each student is expected to follow the routines/procedures every day.  These routines and procedures closely resemble the Spartan R's.

    Examples of some routines / procedures include:

    1. When arriving in class, proceed to your seat, and write down homework assignment in agenda, complete any work at your seat (daily edit, journal,etc.).

    2.  Raise your hand before speaking.

    3.  Remain in your seat unless given permission to move about.

    4.  Going to the lavatory and drinking fountain will be allowed ONLY during software or independent reading time. 

    5.  Actively listen and participate in class activities.

    6.  Continue working until instructed to clean up.  No one will be allowed to line up at the door.  The teacher will dismiss you when ready.